S-TV Series

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S TV Series is made with die-cast aluminum panels. The S TV Series is designed exclusively for an indoor permanent installation. It’s 1.9 MM pixel pitch and high contrast creates vibrant, brilliant video and images. The high refresh rate makes streaming live on camera without scanning lines possible. The S TV Series is the perfect replacement for video walls at television stations. Our Product launch of the S TV Series is April of 2016!!

P means “Pitch” as in Millimeter Pitch. P5 for example means the LED display has a 5 MM Pitch, P6.4 has a 6.4 MM pitch and so on. The Pitch of the Light Emitting Diode is the distance between the center points of each dot. The smaller the number, the more dots exist per square meter. A 10 MM Pitch LED Display has 10,000 dots per square meter whereas a 5 MM Pitch display has 20,000 dots per square meter. Please note the designation of DIP and SMD. In a SMD display the red. green and blue light emitting diodes are together under one glass dot whereas in the DIP, each color diode is separate on the face of the display. In the case of DIP the MM Pitch is the distance from the center of each cluster to the center of the next cluster. I hope this brief explanation helps you understand LED jargon. Please contact us with any questions about our products. Thank you for your time.