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Trade shows are a great way to attract the attention of clients and customers towards your brands. But, these will only be effective if your displays are well set up and hard to miss! Trade shows are like a jungle! Every brand is trying to be the king; if your displays are not attractive, you are not in the run for the lead! Trade shows are an effective measure to building profitable networks, extending the reach of the business and making a positive impact on the minds of potential customers, clients or buyers. In a crowded space like a trade show it is difficult to stand out, but definitely not impossible! LED Trade Show Displays are hard to miss! Any and every passer by is sure to look at the display. That’s the reason, LED Displays have become the new and beneficial advertising tool to make impressions.

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You can find us at IAVM’s “Venue Connect Event” in the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis MN from July 23rd – the 26th.
Our Exhibit features three 3.9 MM LED displays. Contact US today for a free pass.

Check it out!! Daymond John of ABC’s Shark Tank will be a featured speaker. http://www.iavm.org/venueconnect/speakers

Benefits of Showcasing your Brand at Trade Shows:

Trade-shows have the power to create lasting impressions, if done effectively. A well designed booth and good LED displays can attract a good number of audience; after all the main purpose of a trade-show is bringing businesses together and a platform for engaging.
Trade-shows have the unique benefit of interacting and marketing your brand face to face! You can have a direct engagement with potential customers, clients and buyers and showcase your brand as it is. It leaves no scope for misguided impressions.
Trade-shows have become the best way for lead generation. The number of attendees is always large and you have the option to generate leads that can prove an asset in the long run.
When participating in popular trade-shows or industry specific trade-shows the possibility for ready buyers is much higher. Most people attending the trades show are looking to buy or purchase what’s on offer.
It is probably the most cost effective way to increase your network and advertise your brand. The networks come to you at one place rather than you running around!
Whether it’s a small business or a global brand- trade-shows offer an equal platform to all!
Trade-shows also give the chance to study competitors and analyze basic industry trends. You can also understand and analyze customer expectations and needs.
You create brand awareness like never before!
You also have the chances of being covered by media- for free!

Trade-shows offer a number of benefits to businesses of all sizes. From a family run small business to a big multinational business; everyone has access and can benefit from being a part of a trade-show. While the opportunity is equal the only difference is how each brand displays itself. So if your displays are unmatched you can be a very small business but still more powerful than a global brand! LED Trade Show Displays are unmatched; nothing can compare to the power and attraction of LED displays. They are impossible to miss, hard to ignore, can be viewed from great distances, create visual impacts and can really have an overall benefit for your business. If you are still in doubt, try recollecting some of your favorite brands and how their logos and displays have left a mark on your memory.

Making your presence at a trade-show could turn out to be the best business decision! It is one place with many benefits and high rate of profitability. Your brand or your business can only work when you make its presence felt. You need to work on specific branding skills to make trade-shows successful. Prepare yourself to be in direct touch with prospective clients, customers and buyers. You have the chance to make a person impression of your brand. You can participate and several events at the same time and increase visibility with target audience through the right displays.
Top LED Signs is an expert in the field of creating high quality and impactful Led Trade Show Displays. With several years of experience in the market we know what works best! We ensure your message and values get conveyed in the right way. With a focus on visual and design conception we come up with LED Displays that highlight your brand and make it stand out. We can help you make a positive impact at multiple events and tradeshows at the same time. So while you can focus on engaging with your audience we can focus on making an impression for you. Our designers are creative and have the skill to come up with unique ideas for each client, based on their specific need. From planning, designing, processing to fulfillment… Top LED Signs handles it all and more!