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LED Signage


LED signs are in sports arenas. LED signs are in convention centers. LED signs are in transportation hubs. Today’s society is drawn towards bright lights and eye-catching digital imagery that is always new and relevant. The days of stagnant pictures are out the window. It is time to adapt. If you do not adapt today, you are not relevant tomorrow.

Top LED Signs provides quality indoor and outdoor LED signs for commercial use. We provide custom LED signage to fit your business’ individual needs. Want a recurring picture? Just send it to us. Envisioning your name in lights? We can make it happen.


LED signs appeal to the senses of potential customers by allowing your message to imprint in their minds just long enough until they see it again. There is a reason digital signage has taken over as the primary source of advertising for companies.

Don’t just be a stagnant, standard illuminated sign in the sky, be a Top LED. Our company stands by our (link to products page) products. We offer deferred payment plans that allow you to create revenue from our product before you ever have to send the first check.

We understand that creating a sign is an investment. Allow us to demo our products for you by way of our (link to mobile LED signs) mobile LED sign. We have a six foot by eight foot, 4.6 MM SMD, full color LED sign that can be towed to your location for rental or demonstration. As long as you are in the New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, or Southeastern Pennsylvania area, we are happy to provide this service to ensure you see our product and realize it is perfect for you.

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