Mobile LED Displays

What are Mobile LED Displays?


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Glad you asked! Mobile LED Displays are large LED screens that allow a business to display information through a series of high definition videos or pictures. The professionals at Top LED Signs are experts in providing our customers with a custom LED display to fit their needs. Want the extra wow factor? Make it mobile!

At Top LED Signs we pride ourselves on designing and delivering the best mobile LED displays on the market. Picture it. Your message, your high definition logo, the video of that awesome event, or all three in an ever-changing market of potential customers. By utilizing the effect of mobile digital signage on the community, your revenue and market share will skyrocket.

Digital signage is a great way to promote your business or message. You can live up to the professional standard of the business word with a lot of digital flair. The benefit to mobile LED displays is the consistent impression in the minds of potential consumers. The old saying of “out of sight, out of mind” has never dissolved in the marketing world. Ensure your customers never lose sight of your image. Get on board with the digital signage solution!


PURCHASE A NEW SHOWTIME MOBILE LED TRAILER WITH 6 x 10 Foot 10 MM LED Display, Hydraulic Mast, 360 degree display rotation, on board 6 KW gas generator, 6 x 10 foot trailer with single axle and brakes, LED turn signals.


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Please Contact Us if our experts can help you design a custom LED display. We are proud to demo any of our LED products for you in order to ensure you receive what you expect. We enthusiastically serve the New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Southeastern Pennsylvania areas with our mobile LED displays as well as the east cost with permanent installation.

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